Well, we’re back. About 100 years after the last website went to seed, here’s the new one; all shiny and smelling of polythene wrapping.

Thank you to James D for building it. And asking a lot of questions along the way, about what it was for (what are websites for? Publicity? Opinion? Narcissism? All these things?).

It was a good place to start.

Although I think I’ve been approaching this in the same upside down way I view music. I know what I don’t like, so probably everything else is pretty good. This is where I inevitably quote the one Bob Dylan song I genuinely have the hots for (from ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’: “I can’t help it, if you think I’m odd/Loving you not for what you are but for what you’re not.”)

So I know what it’s not going to be: a daily barrage of piss-poor songs from fly-by-night hipsters, aimed at “growing traffic”. Nor is it going to feature random pointless trivia lists designed as click-bait (oh no! The random pointless lists we’ll be doing, will be far too dull or obscure for that).

Whatever it ends up being though, hopefully it’ll be occasionally entertaining and sometimes factually useful.

We can but hope.


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