It was about three years ago, while watching Stuart Maconie in the literary tent at Lattitude – segueing from stories about Morrissey into his days at NME (and coincidentally name checking yours truly) – that a friend turned to me and said you could do that.

Oh how we all laughed! The absurdity! The vanity!

Anyway, turns out I’m doing something like that.

The new one man show is called Going Deaf For A Living: The Story Of A Music Fan. It is not just my story, it’s the story of how a lot of us have fallen in love with music and the pitfalls that a growing obsession with bands can lie in wait for you.

So from the first singles and gigs you went to (there will be some audience participation in this, I warn you) to the turmoil you experience when, for the first time, your favourite band unexpectedly goes bad.

There will be quite a few stories as well: about bands and gigs and musical nutcases, from The Lurkers to Nirvana; Oasis and Elastica to Bloc Party and quite a good one about Dizzee Rascall at Glastonbury.

Oh and quite a lot of theories too. And a request spot where you can choose a band and I’ll try and dig out an anecdote to match.

Here’s the dates so. If some people turn up and these shows don’t push my agent over the edge, they’ll be more through the year.


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