I found some old cassettes the other day – mostly promo cassettes which I’d taped over with interviews I did for the NME.

At some point, I’m thinking of uploading one or two of them on the site, or at least bits of them (having transcribed them at the time, I can tell you, they do drag on a bit).

There’s a PJ Harvey interview, for the cover story we ran around her debut album ‘Dry’; Ride in Barcelona (it rained solidly for two days); Carter USM and the Mega City 4; Teenage Fanclub; and assorted other up and coming bands of the late 80s and early 90s.

The one I can’t find though, which I last saw when recording a copy for journalist Simon Price, is the Manic Street Preachers interview from Norwich Arts Centre – which is a shame because it’s not the snarling journo v band face-off that some people think it is (given the events that happened later that night).

I do have this though in the archive: the Manics first single ‘Suicide Alley’ came with this hand-written note. I showed it to Nicky Wire a couple of years ago and he seems to remember it being written by him and Richie Edwards (probably in a lengthy late-night bedroom writing session, because I recall several NME writers being on the receiving end of the 7-inch which finally made the Singles Review page, courtesy of a frothing endorsement from the late Steven Wells).




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