A new track from south Londoners SHAME should be online tomorrow.

Called ‘Concrete’, it speeds off like a car hurtling through traffic. It makes me think of timelapse footage of Brixton Hill at night, lights blurred and disorientating.

The more you listen to it, two things emerge: one) it shows off the depth and range of Charlie’s vocals – deep and beckoning, then bruised and berating, and two) it has a sense of frustrated hope about it, as if its reaching for something which is just out of touching distance (Change? Revolution? Resolution?).

It is a great song to release at this point, as a reminder of how far they’ve come since I first saw them at the Windmill in Brixton at Easter 2015 and how far they can now go. It has no fear this record. It has the confidence of a band who know what they’re about

Honestly, this is going to whip up their momentum another notch. From what I’ve gleaned so far, there’s this track, then another and finally the debut album in January.

Their tour in October is going to turn a lot of heads.

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