Not had much chance to think, let alone write, since getting back from the tour, but a belated and genuine thank you to everyone who came to the Going Deaf For A Living shows.

Not only was it great to leave London behind for a few days, but we met some excellent people along the way. Hope, in return, you enjoyed it if you came.


We’re looking at more dates next year, though till I’ve seen Top Agent Man (stevebackman@primarytalent) there’s nothing firmed up yet. Will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m still dragging the cold around which I caught the day before we left – and trying to find time to listen to all the music I returned with, both new demos and some very old stuff I acquired at one of the record shops I managed to get to…the legendary Rob’s Records in Nottingham (pictured above).

The last time I was at Rob’s there were two rooms, awash with boxes and carrier bags of old vinyl. Since then, he’s had to rope off one of them which is now so stuffed with chaotic piles of records, that you couldn’t navigate it, even if you wanted to.

It’s a fantastic place, where the Eastenders Cast do Christmas Songs is in a box next to a florid selection of disco and soul compilations like the soundtrack to The World Is Full Of Married Men (a surprisingly good double album, full of floorfillers from 1978….although that’s gone now, because I bought it for a quid along with a very well preserved Bonzo Dog Band album and the music from the movie Bugsy Malone).

Rob himself is a wonderful man. Absolutely dedicated to his records and a love music which spans the years, but stays right up to date (disturbingly he still has Radio 1 on in the shop). He’s got an estimated 200,000 records/CDs and tapes. Lord knows how he finds anything but if you know what you want, he can generally point you in the right direction.

If you’re in the area, pop in and say hello. It’s down Hurts Yard in the city centre (NG16JD).





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