25 At 25 (my part in pop’s downfall)

Due to, what I’m assuming is a clerical error, made a junior member of contracts staff, who’s now left to become a CEO of Poundland, it appears I’m still on the BBC 25 years after I joined, pre-Britpop apocalypse.

In fact I have Matthew Bannister, then Radio 1 controller to thank (among others) for starting this caper in 1993, when he rashly offered Jo Whiley and I a year-long contract to cover the Evening Session. Bannister, a jovial and warm man, who now makes radio about musical rambling (rather than rambling music radio) was the man who had to lose millions of listeners, to reinvent the station for the 90s and beyond. If you’re interested, there’s brief, but decent recap here: https://www.transdiffusion.org/2003/12/01/cull

Anyway, the point is, that as this anniversary loomed, someone at 6Music, who I have yet to track down, came up with the idea that I should pick 25 songs for my 25 years at the Beeb. This is a new form of torture, which I’m still recovering from. But if you want to share the pain, the 25 At 25 can be found here: p06j1l62

This week we’re also running some old archive interviews and sessions on the show – including bits of a special show we did at Colin Greenwood’s house in 2003 and the first proper Mike Skinner interview. If we can find another scissors and glue to edit it, we might even revisit the Gallagher Brothers swear-a-minute appearance from ’97. Or not.

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