So my compilation box set LOST ALTERNATIVES is out today.
Nearly a year in the making, spent choosing a list of around 100 songs, then whittling that down, searching for the licence holders, haggling over rights, taking the cover photos and writing the sleeve notes, it’s been a bigger project than I initially expected, but looking at it now, I think we’ve done a decent job.
The original idea, cooked up by Ben Stanley at Demon Records and myself, was to tell a slightly different story of guitar music through the Nineties: not through the big hits (only two of the 71 tracks made the Top 30 I think), but via the important or interesting and sometimes overlooked singles of the era, that somehow explained the evolution of alternative music away from the glossy stages of Top Of The Tops (RIP).
Hence it starts in an era of baggy indie-crossover grooves and shoegaze soundscapes, before lurching into the New Wave Of New Wave, Britpop…and then Britpop’s fallout which presented us with a whole array of new noisemakers and eccentrics – many of them determinedly DIY in the way they worked.
Full details and tracklisting here:

Steve Lamacq – Lost Alternatives

It was impossible to squeeze in everything we (or you) wanted, but I hope you enjoy it. There’s a double white vinyl version, featuring some of the tracks to follow on Record Store Day.
You can hear me talking about the release on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6Music show tomorrow and Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 programme next Wednesday (March 27th). Not to mention BBC stations in Essex, Ulster, Solent, Manchester, Kent, Cornwall and Newcastle.

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