“Don’t miss this show. Saw him in Southampton a few months back, it was incredible. A roller coaster of emotion.”
Pat Muldowney. Joiners Arms Southampton

AS much as I hate the J-Word (and all the foamy scenarios its now used in, from reality and talent show weepies to pop stars trying to seek forgiveness for their past crimes en route to being half digestible), the journey my own One Man Show has taken has been erratic, informative and finally – even if this does sound a tad smug – really rewarding.
Me and Tour Manager Tom had the best time on the last tour (and a belated thank you to everyone who came and who said nice things afterwards). We met some lovely people and the gigs were good.
So when One Inch Badge (who promoted the sold out Brighton gig) offered us a slot at Edinburgh, despite my trepidations, we immediately said Yes.
The show’s been rewritten, tweaked and improved over the course of two years now and I think its finally, properly finished. It is, in case you don’t know, the exploration of what being a music fan is really about: the highs and the lows; the love affairs you have with pop music and how happy and distraught it can make you feel.
Illustrated through a series of stories, pulling in my time writing a fanzine, working at NME, the days of The Evening Session and now at 6Music, it’s intentionally funny, but also – I hope -an understanding portrait of who we are and why music makes us a little mad.
There’s stories about Nirvana and Oasis and Blur and Bloc Party and Idles (among several others); tales of meeting band’s parents and what I look for in demos; fashion faux pas and the changing face of festivals. It’s an attempt to find the true meaning of life of a music fan.
And if you happen to be at a loose end in Edinburgh this Thursday and Friday, it would be terrific to see you.

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